Saturday, August 1, 2009

It’s For My Collection Mama!

My youngest daughter used to collect the strangest things when she was little: half-empty spools of thread, headless dolls, crayon nubs, stray bits of fabric, matted stuffed animals that the other kids no longer wanted, coloring books that had been all colored in. I’d say something like, “Why on Earth do you have a pile of pebbles in the corner of your room Girl?” And she’d say, “It’s for my collection Mama. Don't touch it!” You get the picture, she would use her collected junk to create things. Clothes for the headless dolls, constructions. She was an artist. She’ll be turning 21 this year; she’s graduated from fashion design school, and is now working on commercials doing costume work. So, even our early collections do speak volumes about us.

I currently own collections of: teapots, quilts, old umbrellas, leather suitcases, books, tablecloths, masks from all over the world, candles, aprons, shoes, and did I mention books? I came to the conclusion that I’ve got enough stuff now. I stopped collecting, even my cherished books. I received a Kindle reading device as a gift; so I only buy digital books now. Just some of the stuff I used to collect in the past: paper-dolls, brightly colored or metallic stilettos (high heels), notebooks, angora sweaters, knee socks, incense burners and incense, posters of my favorite rock stars, charms for my gold bracelets and necklaces, silver dollars, dolls from different countries, trolls, and my used Pee Chees which were covered in drawings and whatnot, (remember Pee Chees?).

What did, or do you collect? For some lame reason I downloaded the picture of the suitcases twice, and didn't get my tablecloth picture up. I can't undo this, I don't know why. (I'm a bit daft I suppose.)

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Cloudia said...

My kind of gal!

I collect archaic words, concepts and eccentric bloggers...I'm just saying ;-)


Comfort Spiral

The Victorian Parlor said...


What a fun post!!! I collect lots of stuff such as hand painted porcelains, tea pots, hats, vintage linens and tableclothes, old books, and cups and saucers, to name just a few:). As a child I was pretty tunnel-visioned, I only collected horse stuff-specifically Breyer model horses. I enjoy collecting and I actually make use of most of my collections as I feel that life should be a celebration every day so use the good stuff and pamper yourself:)!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!



Tabitha Bird said...

Oh, I love collections of odd and interesting things. My biggest collection would have to be books, but over the years I have collected all manner of things. Bottle tops, drink coasters, stickers, stamps, paintings from different parts of the world and my husband and I have a massive hat collection from all the places we have visited.

Elise said...

Hi, what a lovely post.

Don't suppose you've collected old ballet shoes have you ?

Those Pez tubes really take me back.... do they still sell them ? I don't think you can get the sweets though I noticed last week that Trebor Basset have started re-selling some of the oldies again.

What it would be to have old-fashioned sweet shops on the high street again.......

Elise said...

great blog - thanks

steviewren said...

I collect Little Golden Books, nativity sets, miniatures of buildings and famous structures, old alarm clocks and 30s and 40s era mixing bowls. I know what you mean about deciding that you've collected enough though. I don't have all of my collections on display at the same time in the interest of keeping the clutter under control.

Angie Ledbetter said...

DD owes her career to dear ol' mom for letting her have her collections. :)

I've collected lusterware, smalls, rocks & feathers, all kinds of things. I had a stack of old suitcases which I piled up as a bedside table for about 10 years. Opened the top one up to hold lamp, etc.

Marguerite said...

Wow, Elizabeth, your collections are amazing! I especially like the masks and the quilts. I used to be a total pack rat and would collect anything and everything. But, my main collections, now, are my beach treasures, Cajun music collection, and anything with chili peppers for my kitchen.

Lauri Kubuitsile said...

The pictures of your collections are lovely. I collect nothing. I have loads of books because I love them so they've collected around me.

Shirley Wells said...

Great post and lovely pictures.

I'm trying not to collect anything these days. However, I can't quite bring myself to go down the Kindle route. I love to hold a real book - I love the look of them, the feel of them and the smell of them. I do see the advantages though ... especially when I have to pack so many books to take on holiday.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

NO Kindle for me! I LOVE MY BOOKS!
I enjoy nothing more than being surrounded by my collection of books! I didn't mean to collect them, but I have a collection of small kitchen appliances!HA!

Jenn said...

I used to collect Pez dispensers too, great shot of that & the other pictures as well (even the double). How many tablecloths do you have?

Currently whittling down a collection of shotglasses from over 300 to just 15. Used to collect stuff with pigs on it too. Unfortunately I found collections just collect dust & I am not much of a fan of dusting lol.

Now I pretty much only collect music. Working on collecting money too, not as easy as the music ;-)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I have tons of tablecloths. I'd say fifty or so. I have tons of books, in fact I can't unpack them all because this new house doesn't have enough space for all my bookcases, :-(

Once I had my Kindle I realized that the physical book isn't what I'm madly in love with, (although some books must be held to be appreciated), I love the words and they're just as poignant when read digitally. Think about it, all your blogs are digital. I look at it this way, I'm saving trees these days.

I forgot to say I collect cook books too. But I stopped and I gave some away. Like I said, there comes a point when you have enough STUFF.

I make a practice of not getting carried away, because what's the point of owning something that you can't use everyday? No point.

Lauren said...

What an interesting post. It's fun looking at all the comments on what various people collect.

I collect goals and hobbies :)

San said...

I love old suitcases, but 2 hardly constitutes a collection. They're great, however, for holding other old stuff--assorted, not collected, stuff, just a jumble.