Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the Right Track

There are days when I could swear I hear strings playing in the background as if some heavenly orchestra in the sky is keeping time with my life. I bask in the harmoniousness of it all.

But then, there are those days where there is no music. Dead silence. Wait, that’s just not true, there are the voices, the nagging voices. These voices have been around for a very long time. Almost from the beginning. I remember hearing their dire warnings and harsh reprimands as a very small child. And, just when I think the harassing choir is at last dead and buried, they are somehow mysteriously resurrected. I won’t bore you with specifics, but in a nutshell, they say, “Who do you think you are?”

It’s important to go back at them with all I’ve got, I’ve discovered. It’s hopeless to pussyfoot around with these incidious influences, negotiation always proves futile. Direct confrontation is the only way to drive them away. “I am ME!” I shout, (usually telepathically because I don’t want to scare the real people, or the dogs), “Keep your negativity to yourself. Buzz off. I am worthy. I am on the right track. I am over a half a century old now, in case you haven’t noticed. I’ve earned the right to strangle you all dead. Go away, for once and for all. Don’t you know? You’re useless to me now? I’ve decided to be wise. Wise people don’t listen to the likes of you. Goodbye cruel voices. If you ever want to interact with me again you’d better turn into music.”

(Photo above: Tres Grandchildren playing the piano, for Grizzy.)

So, just after I wrote this earlier, I read my horoscope. A bit of serendipity, perhaps?

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February 4, 2010
Daily Virgo horoscope:

Things should be going extremely well for you in general today, dear Virgo, so don't miss this opportunity to pursue your dreams in every sense of the word. Do things with passion, and don't hold back. Remember that your own mind and will are the only things stopping you from getting to where you want to be. There is a great deal of magnetic power at your disposal today, so enlist others to help you along the way.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Very Short Post

Sometimes Tuesday feels like Monday. This is one of those Tuesdays. Today, an ordinary cup of coffee feels like a reward. I got so much work done yesterday but I didn’t tend to certain paperwork. So that neglected paperwork is waiting. A menacing stack. To be honest, two menacing stacks. So this is a short post. A very short post.

It’s not just the paperwork. My dogs are acting crazy lately. They tear up the grass, they bark like maniacs. A big loud dog just moved in behind us. We share about twenty feet of fence line with the top of the hill of a neighboring yard and it was bad enough when the little Jack Russell terrier used to traverse the hill and bark at my dogs, but now we have the big dog too, and it’s practically deafening when they all launch into a mass tirade. I’m thinking of buying shock collars, nothing else works!

I bought this ultrasonic gadget that goes off when any dog within a certain distance barks, but this neighborhood has so many dogs that goes off all the time and it doesn’t end up teaching my dogs a thing. Oliver cowers pathetically when the device is on, and he won’t go outside at all, the sound hurts his sensitive ears so bad. And Duncan, my oldest cairn terrier, is deaf and he can’t hear it so he barks anyway which hurts Oliver and Bonnie and Lita’s ears. (Oliver and Lita belong to my two daughters but I am raising them for the time being.) I never thought I’d have four dogs. Lita is a three pound Chihuahua, she cannot wear a shock collar, but Lordy does she have a diabolical bark, it sounds like a demon screaming straight outa hell!

There are safe shock collars. I looked it up. Eighty-three bucks buys you a collar that only goes off if the wearer is barking, it detects not only sound but vibration too. I don’t know. The jury’s out. I worry about putting a shock collar on Duncan, he’s so senile it just might piss him off and he’ll keep barking just to spite the collar. (I guess it turns off after so many shocks, they’ve factored in stubborn animals.)

We’ll see, in the meantime I am chasing them away from the fence with a broom.

I need another cup of Joe.

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