Sunday, January 10, 2010

Different Strokes

The Husband and I enjoy strolling through the farmer’s market here in Old Town Temecula. The sights and sounds fill our senses. We buy locally grown veggies, fresh homemade hummus, fruit, or whatever catches our eye that particular morning. Without naming names, (you know who you are), I asked someone to go with us, and their flippant response was, “No thanks. What’s the point? I don’t do outdoor markets.”

Okay. Whatever. Not your cup of tea? No skin off my pointy nose.

It took The Husband,
way back in the 80’s when big-haired chicks roamed the planet in acid-washed jeans, a couple of years to indoctrinate me into appreciating sushi. Now, I love it. Well, most of it. I won’t touch sea urchin with a ten-foot pole, let alone my mouth. All our kids go wacky for sushi, which by the way is no cheap date. My brother, on the other hand, will not even consider Japanese food. I’ve done my best to make it very clear, don’t even try, you’re wasting your breath trying to convince my brother, (The Husband is big on turning other's into converts), he’s never going to step foot inside our favorite sushi bar, no way Jose.

Let me throw a few more well-worn clichés around: one man/woman’s trash is another man/woman’s treasure ~ to each his own ~ whatever turns you on, floats your boat, fires your rocket…

I have a friend that’s positively over the moon about bidding for stuff on e-Bay. She’s a storehouse of knowledge about cutting deals and shipping costs. I admit freely to being totally ignorant on the subject, although The Husband has picked up some computer and camera equipment at phenomenal prices. I just haven’t been motivated to check out e-Bay, and my friend thinks I’m losing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures.

When it comes to books, music, and movies, our preferences tend to really stand out. I just watched a movie called
The Brother’s Bloom, an offbeat film to be sure, but I LOVED it. I probably won’t recommend this film to most people my age because I’m quite certain they won’t appreciate it the way I do. And that’s okay, different strokes for different folks, (more clichés, sorry I can't seem to stop myself.)

When it comes to choosing books and movies, I’m constantly amazed at how limited most people’s choices are, mystery buffs tend to stick with mystery, fantasy w/fantasy, romance w/romance, thriller w/thriller, YA w/YA, and so on and so forth. I'm a fairly versatile reader and watcher of movies. I’m multi-dimensional and quite open to new adventures.

I wasn’t all that interested in seeing The Kite Runner. I just didn’t have the vaguest idea what it was about, but when The Husband put it one the tube I grabbed my popcorn and joined him. What a great movie! Now, I must read the book. Along those same lines, when my son talked me into reading Harry Potter several years ago, I didn’t expect to enjoy the book as much as I did. We bonded over Rowling's prose, how cool is that? Being flexible pays off at times.

How about you? Have you given any books or movies a whirl that you normally wouldn't have considered? Do you love something that others think is strange?

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Jemi Fraser said...

I've always been the odd one out (to continue with the cliche mode) in our family. I've loved sci-fi from the moment I watched my first Star Trek re-run when I was a kid. No one in my family gets it (parents, sibling, hubby, kids, nieces, nephews...) *sigh*

I'm a pretty eclectic reader and watcher - although I don't like cruelty (torture, abuse) and I have a definite preference for happy endings :) But I'll give most anything a try and I've been pleasantly surprised many times!

Jan Morrison said...

I'll try almost anything - not seal meat though and I know a lot of Newfoundlanders and Labradorites who think I'm being snooty - it isn't that they have Paul McCartney eyes - it's just the texture - euhhh. I like every kind of book, every kind of movie and every kind of music but only the best in each. I don't like TV except for things like The West Wing or Upstairs Downstairs (wow - if that doesn't date me!). When people say they won't try something I get my hackles up. I'm used to it with teenagers but it still annoys. I know they'll be like me and try things when they are out in the world though. But adults who are proud of their prejudices and unwillingness to try something - well they are just so much seal meat to me!

Jeanie said...

I hope I never get to old to want to try new things. I am more open to all kinds of books than movies, but I read more than I watch movies. I love farmer's markets and often find something new to try. I love sushi. but usually stick to favorites.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm very ecclectic. From music to movies to books. I love opera to country, Verne to Comic Books, Casablanca to Talledega Nights. I guess I just like keeping my options open. =]

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Definitely "Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns". I haven't see KR on film, but loved the book. He's awesome!

Jo said...

I love sushi.

One of my blog readers sent me "The Uncommon Reader" a couple of weeks ago, and I wasn't sure... I read it and absolutely loved it.

I stumbled upon "The Kite Runner" the other night as I was flipping through the channels, and I was hooked. Now I have to read the book.

She Writes said...

Yes, I loved Once. Quirky, low budget, but I sang in bands for years (back-up) and love musicians.

Shirley Wells said...

I'll try most things and get so annoyed with people who are closed to new ideas. With that attitude, we'd all be trekking down to the river to wash our clothes!

Great pics, by the way.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

LOVE outdoor markets. We have one close to us in the summer. I drag the kids out there to get homemade jams, pottery, tomatoes, and fresh-baked breads.

I'll try anything once and am frequently pleasantly surprised by liking music, books, and food that I thought I wouldn't like.

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Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

ellen abbott said...

In my youth I was pretty single minded...sci-fi, rock & roll. Now I'l read, listen to, eat (mostly), watch just about anything. I don't like jazz though. I'm all for a wide variety of experiences.

And I love outdoor markets. We have one here in Wharton spring and fall. there are several in Houston but I never quite make it to them. Lately I've been doing all my shopping in Wharton and just schlep it all back to the city.

Cheryl said...

I finally gave dodgeball a try yesterday, after signing up for it months ago. I hesitated because I didn't know anyone and couldn't remember how to play. Plus I don't consider myself athletic. But I had so much fun and now can't wait to go again. Plus it was such a relief to be around a bunch of sweaty guys without worrying what I looked like or what I should say.

Journaling Woman said...

YES a book that still haunts me that someone I work with recommended: Lovely Bones. It is an incredible book, but I didn't finish it with a good feeling.

Nancy said...

I tried so hard to get into Harry Potter - I mean am I the only person in the world that just couldn't get into the first book?? I feel like I'm not part of the "in" crowd. As for oddities - I like some reality tv. For instance I watched The Bachelor tonight and found it very interesting in a voyuer sort of way, but my husband groaned and left the room as soon as it started. Different strokes...

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

For film, 'Sunshine Cleaner' it was not what I thought it would be but I liked it a lot and I'm working my way through Jilly Cooper's romances. Here is what else I love the market farmers or otherwise and would have happily gone along.
Warm regards,

Fireblossom said...

Wow, I love this post, and I'm really enjoying reading the comments, too.

A friend gave me Carolyn Parkhurst's novel "Lost & Found" to read. She had earlier given me the same author's "The Dogs Of Babel" and I'd liked it pretty well, but this one was about a group of people competing on a reality tv show. I hate reality tv shows and didn't expect to like a book about one very much. Was I wrong! I absolutely loved it, and especially grew fond of one of the characters, an "ex-gay" woman. I hadn't expected to like her, either, and I loved her, and the book! I even wrote to the author to say so, never expecting a reply from a best selling authoress. But I got one! She was so nice!

Do I love something that others think is strange? Yes! I added a movie to my Netflix queue after seeing the trailer. It was called "Love Me If You Dare." But then I read the reviews and almost took it off again, but, by the barest of margins, decided to go ahead and see it. Omg! This movie ("Jeux D'enfants" is the original French title, Children's Games) stars Marion Cotillard and is about two children, a boy and girl, who begin a game of dares, which continues into adulthood with the dares ever escalating. It turns the usual romance movie formula completely on its head, and has a confusing "second" ending that i didn't understand at all until i watched it a second time. But guess what? It's my second favorite movie of all time, after "The Crying Game", which I also resisted watching for years.

Macy said...

Many moons ago I had to be dragged along to see Blade Runner because science fiction does nothing for me.
But how good is that film? Now of course I know whole speeches off by heart

Alix said...

Oh girl.... I have three words for you: Pacific Asian Bistro

Follow this URL, and next time you're in Jacksonville - the sushi's on me!

Lauri Kubuitsile said...

I read The Kite Runner first and Loved, loved it and then watched the movie and almost started crying at the opening credits. Loved it too.

Love Harry Potter movies but only read a bit of the books. Not sure why.

Anne Spollen said...

Well, I would love to go to the outdoor market with you!

I comb through thrift stores a lot looking for beautiful junk.

And I let my kids talk me into listening to music I would never normally hear: and I actually like Lady Gaga and some of Eminem. (I'll hold off on Miley...)

Life is a lot more fun when you have fewer boundaries.