Saturday, January 23, 2010


Oh Mercy! A day of shopping on a glorious day! First, we stopped at the Apple store. The Husband is looking for a car charger for his I-phone, but of course I'm lusting after a new laptop and he's drooling over a system, (you know you're in trouble when you're looking at a system!) I grabbed him by the arm and got him out of there, just in time. Whew!

Williams Sonoma. What a store. You can spend 18 bucks on a jar of jam. I saw a double-sided omelette pan that caused me to have lust in my heart, but I got a grip, after all I've been rustling up omelettes with a regular non-stick pan forever--did I really need the double-sided one? Not really. I spotted one of those nifty silicone-coated paring knifes. I need that! Don't I? Not one of my paring knifes is coated in silicone, surely they're defective? What about the giant-sized electric paella pan? That could come in handy. The Husband grabbed me by the arm and got me out of there, just in time. Whew!

We were walking along and I said, "What a sky! I gotta take a picture of that." So, I took the picture. All last week we had rain, rain, rain, so I had to take the time to celebrate the mostly blue sky.

And do I have to say more than TJ Maxx? I am a bargain lover and man oh man does TJ Maxx give good bargain. My eyes were rolling back in my head.

On the whole it's been a lovely day. We came home and I made dinner and now we're going to watch a movie. This is one of those, this is what I did today blogs. Terrific is my word for the day. If you're in the mood to leave a comment, tell us what's terrific for you, right now.

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lakeviewer said...

Were you inspired at Williams Sonoma? Did you get their catalog with yummy recipes? O.k. that's my fantasy for the day. We went to see Nine, sixty miles away, entertained royally with popcorn and soda while it poured outside. Nice.

L.T. Elliot said...

This post is terrific. It's so fun and lighthearted and it makes me feel so much more lighthearted too. =]

Tabitha Bird said...

Oh my husband would kill to get to that apple store. We don't have anything as big and fancy as that here in Australia. I do remember loving TJMaxx though when we lived in the US :)

My day was pretty great. We went down the Gold Coast (about 35mins from us) and swam. The day was hot as hell. Really. We are all brown and dry :)

Enjoy your movies :)

Jan Morrison said...

I went to the market with my step-daughter and then shopping in consignment stores. She got two (!) kilts. How fun is that?! Then we had close friends over for dinner which Ron and I rustled up - a curry feast! And after dinner I gave my first accordion concert. I played (badly) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Oh, I love weekends.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Gotta love TJ Maxx! But you have to be a frequent visitor to get their very best deals.

Williams Sonoma is one of those places I avoid because I know I'll drop a bundle in there. :)

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Fireblossom said...

I love TJ Maxx! Indeed, this sounds like a perfect day!

Lauri Kubuitsile said...

I use to be a complete Apple addict but sense took over. Anything Apple in Botswana is 1) VERY expensive and 2) Impossible to find anyone to help you fix.

Today- Sunday I swam for a while until it started to rain (we've also had a lot of rain lately) then came in and read, then a hubby cooked lunch and then watched a movie. A bit of a lazy Sunday but nice.

Jemi Fraser said...

What a beautiful place you live in :) Love the trees :)

And that Apple store! Wow! Nothing like any of those stores where I live!

Joanne said...

What's terrific today? A chicken roasting in the oven, with a little stuffing and brocccoli casserole, and later, a fire in the fireplace. Sometimes ordinary is soo terrific!

Crystal Posey said...

*bows down to apple*

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

That is a terrific day! I'm glad you had fun.

I've been shopping a lot this weekend, trying to get stuff to set up my room. I think I'm finished for now. Whew! I'm not a shopper. But it's fun to do that every once in a while.

Marguerite said...

Sounds like a great day!
What's terrific with me?
Black and Gold- Super Bowl! Geaux Saints! Who Dat, We Dat!!!!!! Yay!

Journaling Woman said...

Love shopping. I am looking for a new computer.

TJMaxx is the most wonderful store.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Well the great thing about my day is being on a coomputer that works (I'm on my lunch hour:). Anyway, it sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful day. I went shopping last Saturday with hubby and came home with some lovely new clothes (thrift shop) and a beautiful crystal champagne pitcher from an antique store downtown. As for TJMaxx-I go into shopping overload in that store too-there are way too many great bargains in housewares!



Jennifer Shirk said...

I LOVE williams sonoma!!! Glad you had such a fantastic shopping day!
I could use one of those right about now. :)

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Williams Sonoma is were I go when I want to treat myself but I'm a PC purest so no apple store for me.
Have a lovely week.
Warm regards,