Friday, August 28, 2009


Man oh man, is it stinking hot! We were having a mild summer, but as usual, right around Labor Day things heat up. It was 107 here in Temecula yesterday; it’s 104 right now. I have the air set at 80 and it’s running nonstop. We have four wildfires burning in Southern California; people may lose their homes. It’s a tinderbox. The picture above is of a house burning in Lake Arrowhead a couple of years back, and the picture of the map speaks for itself. I’m taking my youngest daughter out for a pedicure, and then lunch. My oldest daughter and the baby went to the pool with a friend. I would have gone but I had too much to do. Now that I’ve finished, it’s time to relax in one of those spa chairs for a spell. Have a great end of summer weekend all!

OH! I almost forgot to tell you guys, I got the PROOF of my book, Boomer Tales, Please Stand By, and I’ve been working like a demon going over every line with a sharp number 2 pencil. So it won’t be long now before we have a real book on our hands. Yay! Finally.

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lakeviewer said...

Great news the book is almost out. You must be very proud, indeed. Fire is always a major problem in the hot, dry months. Take care.

Cloudia said...

Hot post!

Congrats on your MS reaching it's birth as a book.

Your words must be swimming before your eyes ;-]


Comfort Spiral

Nancy said...

It is really smokey here in Tahoe. We heard there was a fire in Yosemite. I really hate fire season!

Congrats on the book, Elizabeth! I can't wait to read it!

Tabitha Bird said...

congrats on that book. I can't wait to hold my baby one day soon. Enjoy yours :)

Lori said...

Oh, I envy you for the heat. We had about two weeks of real summer this summer and now it looks already like fall! :(

CC said...

I read your comment about Coyotes on Dutchbaby.

You should know about The Daily Coyote Blog

You will love it.

C. Croll

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Congratulations!!Unseen Rajasthan

Debbie said...

How exciting to have the proof! I just can't imagine!

ellen abbott said...

Burn ban here it's been so hot and dry. Triple digits all summer instead of just in august. I am glad for this summer to be ending. It was actually pleasant this morning. I hope the fires get put out quickly.

Congrats on the book.

Jenn said...

As a dedicated lover of SoCal I have been keeping an eye on the news, the fires over the past couple years have been awful. I truly hope that even if homes are lost no one is injured. Try to stay cool...a pedi and spa sounds like a nice way to shake off the heat AND to celebrate the upcoming conclusion to your book project yippie!!