Friday, June 19, 2009

So What

Remember that Billy Joel song, that isn’t so much a song, but a list of what was going on in the world? We Didn’t Start the Fire? The last chorus reads like this:
We didn’t start the fire
 But when we are gone
Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on…

So, maybe Billy should re-write the song, because DANG, it seems to me we sure do have some new stuff to add to his list. This crappy economy for one thing; General Motors & Chrysler, the downfall of the American car manufacturer. And what about Iran and North Korea, and nuclear threat? Hawaii in peril? Global Warming? Not to mention the HOUSING CRISIS, and unemployment, nutty-gun-toting-murdering-anti-Semite-freaks, with kiddie porn on their computers. Successful movie stars putting themselves in jeopardy with dangerous sex games, hanging themselves in the process. Jet airplanes falling into the ocean for unknown reasons. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave that to the songwriters. Sigh.

I suppose one could argue that the world has always been in a constant state of turmoil, but now that we are so connected up, we here about IT ALL, we KNOW too much! This knowledge can be overwhelming. That’s for sure. I feel powerless in the face of so much mayhem. It’s apparent to me that many choose to bury their head in the sand. So what if people in Iran have no rights. So what if there are no more American cars. So what if grown men prey on little children. So what if people are walking away from their homes in alarming numbers. SO WHAT!!!

We need to care, we really do. We need to voice our opinions. We need to take action. Sure, we can’t change all these things, but we can affect change, in our own little way. Pick SOMETHING. Start small.

Enough ranting for today. I'm still unpacking and have a stack of unopened bills a mile high to attend to. More heavy sighing.

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lakeviewer said...

You did hit the high notes. Brava. With so many causes, how do we choose?

For now, I am supporting health care reform. It is uncivilized the way we manage to leave so many people out of medical care.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a fabulous post, Elizabeth!!!! Thanks for raising the banner high!!! And also wanted to say, that I will return as soon as I able!!! I don't want to miss too many of your posts now that you are crawling out from under the moving boxes :-) I've missed you!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, my friend! Love and blessings to you~Janine XO

Kim said...

Yes I hear you loud and clear! It's so true. WE ABSOLUTELY do start to need to care. It's like the more we know the more desensitized we become. I try to catch myself if I dismiss something like people becoming homeless or losing their jobs.

I hope your move is going fast and efficiently. Hurry back.

Cloudia said...

You have my vote!

But how COULD ypou jump the gun on my taepodong party tomorrow?

Comfort Spiral!

Lover of Life said...

I agree with the too much information part. Man, it is too much sometimes. We have turned off all the jabbering heads on tv that have to do 24-hour news programs and are just sticking to the headlines and blog news. Even that is too much sometimes. But I agree we need to do something - pick one, good suggestion!

PopArtDiva said...

I think this whole economic thing really hit me when Chrysler sold to Fiat. It just made me realize that the American car really is a thing of the past.

I keep hearing the little voices saying things are on an upswing but I wish those voices would get louder and louder!

As for me - I just want to remind our government that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! You need to help your own citizenry (did you guys see Oprah on Wednesday?) before you hand out cash to foreign lands.

If America goes down how can we help anyone else?

Elizabeth Bradley said...

No, PopArtDiva, I did not see Oprah. What was the show about?

Marguerite said...

Very thought provoking post, Elizabeth. All so true. If only everyone would do their part.

Jenn said...

Elizabeth I just discovered you from Suldog's blog and wowza, what a remarkably insightful post! You really said it. Maybe we have too much in our face & although we can't do everything we can do at least something to help make this world a better place. So glad to have discovered your blog!